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The use of airborne and satellite earth observation systems is spreading and plays an increasingly significant role in identifying environmental problems. The acquisition of large volumes of image data by several sensors at different scales requires the development of specialized tools for analysis and interpretation.

The project will develop a platform for the processing of multi and hyperspectral images and speed the adoption of remote sensing technologies by various agencies, the industries and the political decision makers of the Atlantic Area.

This platform will promote advanced methods from new information and communication sciences and technologies. All the tools necessary to meet the requirements of monitoring, management, forecasting, expertise and decision-making related to the environment will be integrated in the platform. 


Platform for Analysis of Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images from Acquisition to Interpretation
for Environmental Monitoring and Decision Making

INTERREG IIIB - Atlantic Area
PRIORITY B : The development of sustainable transport systems to ensure mobility within the Atlantic Area and to improve access to the information society
MEASURE B-2 : Improving access to the information society

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